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 A Cajun Journey is available worldwide in paperback and on Kindle e-book format.

I’m available for interviews, guest posts, Q&A sessions, and book club appearances (in-person in North Carolina and Louisiana and online globally!). Please encourage readers to view my author page and social media sites listed below. I will backlink your article on my author page and social media sites.

The purpose of this media kit is to provide you with enough information to portray the book as a commercial fiction novel intended to entertain readers and provide them with factual information about Louisiana, the United States Marine Corps, and the Korean War.

This kit should have everything you need to promote A Cajun Journey. However, if there’s something else you need or if you want to do something different, then feel free to contact me at [email protected] 


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I am so excited that you are patiently waiting on the release of my book!  Once release, the book will be available as both printed and ebook (digital) form!

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